Rapid Hinge Number Close

 Rapid Hinge Number Close

Her bio said she likes men who are dark, bring their best, have muscles, tattoos, & take action; which is me to a tee.

But if I said ‘Hey I’ve got everything you’re looking for’ it would have lowered my value and seemed like I was trying way too hard. So; the way I decided to get around that is by jokingly acting like I had none of the qualities she wants. I’ve found that jokingly telling girls you’re not what they’re after when you clearly are, gets the response we wish we’d get by just saying it upfront.

I then started talking about tattoos because the fact she likes them enough to have them on her profile meant there was a good chance that would hook her into the convo and create investment.

However; it’s easy for a convo about tattoos to get boring, so when she said she had 5 and needed more, I joked that they must be intimately (sexually) placed, because I couldn’t see them on her profile.

She asked how many I had and I couldn’t think of anything too clever so I told her, while making a point to say mine were ‘wild’ animals because of the savage imagery that would convey.

She asked why I had wild animals and at that point a flash of inspiration told me I could maybe go for a close: I wasn’t 100% sure it’d work, maybe 60/40, but I went for it, using the semi excuse of having lazy fingers as why I wanted to start sending her voice notes.

She sends her number and the rest is history.


It would have been better for me to get her IG for a plethora of reasons, but her opting to give her number when given both choices shows that she’s really into me. To girls, the phone number is the holy grail of dating so that’s definitely a good sign.

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Ciaran Callam

I take men who don’t know how to meet women & give them an abundance they never dreamed possible. I take meek mice & turn them into wild lions. If you follow my instructions I’ll change your life, and that’s a fact.

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