The Truth About “Girl Logic”

 The Truth About “Girl Logic”

…and the REAL reason why she won’t meet you during COVID-19

“She’s scared to meet me, but happy to go to a crowded supermarket. Girl logic.” 

This complaint in our Game Global Telegram group made me laugh. 

The guy’s statement is true, but probably not in the way he meant it.

You see…humans make most decisions based on emotions, not logic.  

This is especially true of humans with a lot of feminine energy. 

So, in many ways, a woman who’s scared to sneak into your house during lockdown is exactly the same as the one who you couldn’t pull home from the club. 

Both of them are using logic because you haven’t penetrated their mind with positive emotions. 

When a woman feels amazing emotions around you, she’ll do incredibly illogical things to keep these emotions coming. 

  • This could be going back to yours within minutes of meeting you in the club.
  • Perhaps she’ll come for an instant-date when she was meant to be shopping 
  • And maybe she’ll even take the (logically very small) risk of coming to your house during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

If her emotions are screaming YES YES YES, her logic will find a reason to do it. 

If not, she’ll probably remain a “good girl”. 

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