Your Magic Number

 Your Magic Number

This Tip Will Help You Approach More Women

OK so let’s get something straight, you most likely don’t like approaching girls, right? Their rejections piss you off and upset you and you hate the idea of putting yourself in position to receive them again and again. And I totally get it, it’s understandable that you feel that way.

Well I’m gonna tell you something which will make your rejections easier to endure and have you approaching more and more and more girls with confidence, and it’s basically this:

Approaching Girls in Largely A Numbers Game

It really is. Now of course some guys have way better results than others, but the simple fact is that none of us have a 100% strike rate with girls. Some girls reject us outright, and some swap contact details and ghost us anyway. Nobody has a 100% success rate but the truth is that the guys who do well are making a bigger impression on a larger percentage of the girls they meet. Their magic numbers are lower than yours.

What is your Magic Number?

Your magic number is basically the number of women you need to approach in order to meet one who really likes you and is genuinely glad she met you.

This is based on your:

  • Personality (humour, sexual intent, confidence etc)
  • Body language, eye contact and posture
  • Looks
  • Fashion sense and grooming 

Essentially, the worse you perform in all of the above criteria, the more girls you’ll need to approach to find one who likes you, and inversely, the better you perform then the less you’ll need to approach.

Everyone has a number and once you know yours there’s less reason to be offended by any rejections you’ll inevitably face.

A guy with no confidence, bad posture and no style  could have a magic number as high as 100. Meaning  he would have to approach 100 women to get one good lead.  

However, a few tweaks to his offering could drop that number to 60 or even 40.

You need to know your Magic Number

If you go out and approach girls consistently for like a week (while tracking your results) you’ll quickly learn what your number is and when that happens you’ll have less reason to be scared or offended by rejections as I said earlier.

Look at it like this; if you knew that you’d need to approach 25 women to meet one who loves you wouldn’t you be excited to get started?

Realise That It’s Nothing Personal

The simple fact is that not every girl is going to like you. Some will be in relationships, some will be lesbians, some will hate your look, some will prefer a different race, and so on. If you look through IG you’ll see IG models with millions of followers who have completely different body types, many of which you personally wouldn’t be into at all.

Everyone is different. Some guys love curvy women and some hate them, some skinny girls, and some hate them; it’s just how life is. What you want to be focused on doing is weeding out the women with little to no interest in you and finding those who are interested in what you bring to the table.

Here is the Key

Go out and approach enough women to find out what your magic number is, and once you know what it is, realise that this is how many you’ll need to meet on average to get a good lead.

After that, spend time lowering your magic number in the background by working on your:

  • Personality (humour, sexual intent, confidence etc)
  • Body language, eye contact and posture
  • Looks
  • Fashion sense and grooming 

Do all this, and over time you’ll convert a larger and larger percentage of the girls you meet.

It’s really that simple ??

If you need help working on the overall package you present to girls to lower your magic number, book a call with me to see if coaching is a good fit.

You got this, Ciaran

Ciaran Callam

I take men who don’t know how to meet women & give them an abundance they never dreamed possible. I take meek mice & turn them into wild lions. If you follow my instructions I’ll change your life, and that’s a fact.

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