Podcast #43: Why Friendzoned Guys Are Better Than Many PUAs

 Podcast #43: Why Friendzoned Guys Are Better Than Many PUAs

The truth is that men who are deeply in the friendzone actually have a lot to teach us about success with women, and not in an ironic way too. The average friendzoned man is doing a ton of things right that most PUAs aren’t and actually has a lot of valuable lessons to share about success with women. In this episode, Ciaran sat down to break down what those lessons are, so we can all improve our dating lives.

Here you’ll learn:

  • The difference between generating attraction & comfort in a woman and why you need both to have her come home with you
  • Why most men are desperate to create no comfort, only focus on attraction, & screw themselves in the process
  • How to build comfort in a way that makes a girl really trust and like you as a person
  • The silent and private world of painful sexual frustration most beginner to intermediate PUAs live in
  • Ciaran’s personal horror stories of the times when he had no ability to create comfort with girls & what you can learn from them
  • The difference between how men and women approach uncertainty and danger & how that affects your chances of success in dating

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Ciaran Callam

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