5 Practical Tips To Never Run Out Of Things To Say

 5 Practical Tips To Never Run Out Of Things To Say

Learn to speak endlessly with these tips…

Hey, it’s Ciaran.

Here are my top 5 tips to stop you from EVER running out of things to say to a woman.

1. Drop your standards for what’s “good enough” to say

This is #1, because NOT doing this is the main reason why guys run out of things to say to women.

You never run out of things to say to family and friends, because you KNOW they like you, so you don’t set these standards.

Yet, with a beautiful woman who you’re trying to impress, nothing seems good enough and you freeze up.

I urge you to realise that your vibe is the most important thing. Some 93% of communication is non-verbal. If you’re feeling good and having fun, she’ll feel good and have fun! At that point, anything you say will be ‘good enough’.

This is honestly the only tip you need. But, I’ve also added some more practical conversational tips below.

2. Make observations

Observe your surroundings and give your opinion on them.

If you’re at the bar, there’s potentially the dancefloor, the music, the crazy shit on the walls, some super-strong cocktail being left unattended. Throw out an opinion!

Your surroundings are potentially endless especially if you’re moving, so you’re unlikely to ‘run out’.

3. Move the conversation to past or future tense

When you keep a conversation in the present tense, it’s seconds away from dying.

Move it to the past or future and it can live on endlessly.

Let’s say you’re still staring at that unique and potent cocktail…

To move to the past tense, you can ponder on who invented the cocktail, why they invented it, how crazy and depressed they must have been…

For future tense, you can predict what would happen if someone downed it one, and then what, and then what.

This takes some improvisational skills, but it allows the conversation to live on endlessly, because the past and future are endless.

4. Screen her

Make yourself a list of five personality traits your ideal girlfriend would have, then start a conversation to see if this woman has them.

5. Get to the point

Smalltalk and ‘getting to know each other’ is fine. But, as the man, it’s your job to lead the interaction where you want it to go.

So, if you’re still running out of things to say in spite of these first four tips, make a point of suggesting what you two should do next. Always be closing.

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Speak soon,


Ciaran Callam

I take men who don’t know how to meet women & give them an abundance they never dreamed possible. I take meek mice & turn them into wild lions. If you follow my instructions I’ll change your life, and that’s a fact.

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