5 Truths About Women

 5 Truths About Women

Yo yo yo amigos

As the title says, here’s 5 rarely known facts about women for yo black ass.

1. They Get Scared and Nervous Too

So one of the craziest things I’ve noticed about guys during my time as a coach is how many of us think women are perfect. Now of course I’m sure most of you reading this will say:

“Nah bro! Not me! I know they’re as fucked up as anyone else!”

But the truth is you most likely don’t. For instance, when you approach girls, do you ever consider the fact that they might be nervous too? Not just in terms of you potentially rkoing them from outta nowhere, but do you ever consider that they might also worry if they’re good enough for you? That they might ever think:

“Oh my God I don’t know what to say to this guy, I hope I don’t make myself look stupid!”

The crazy thing is that women have just as many insecurities as us and especially when it comes to dating. They worry that they’re not hot, cool, sexy, or intelligent enough just like you but it doesn’t seem like that because when you first meet them they tend to have their bitch shields up.

Ever noticed how women are so quick to write you off after the tiniest misstep? Like after a joke that was misinterpreted or whatever?

It’s because most of them live in states of fear where men are concerned and are protecting themselves at all times.

They want to meet an amazing man, but are worried they’ll end up with an abusive prick or idiot or loser or whatever. Also, you ever seen how emotional girls get about men they’re really into? How nothing else seems to matter to them but that guy and how they can lose themselves and their sanities over him?

They know all that. They know exactly how fragile their hearts can be and they protect themselves from damage at all times where we’re concerned.

2. They Don’t Think You Have Feelings

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll have noticed that women tend to be way harsher with men than they are with other girls. They often don’t think twice about throwing insults our way that they’d never say to each other or children and there’s a reason for that, which is this:

They essentially don’t think we have feelings. 

If you look at what women are attracted to and disgusted by in men you’ll notice a recurring theme.

Attracted to (among others):

  • Dominance – mindsets that are stoic and unaffected by anything negative – persistence – 
  • Disgusted by (among others) 
  • Being upset – people pleasing – being lost or confused in any way

What do you see there? Essentially women are attracted to men who simply can’t be affected by anything life throws at them. They’re attracted to the psychological equivalent of the M1A2 battle tank. 

Also, they live in a world where every man who approaches them, or even just talks to them, is usually putting his best foot forward and trying to downplay any weakness he might have.

So yeah, this comes together with bs societal messages to let them think we don’t have feelings.

For instance, why do you think they dislike the idea of being a PUA? A huge part of it is that they just assume it’s guys trying to fuck as many girls as possible, they don’t realise that men who consistently go out and approach are facing harrowing fears and insecurities to better themselves because they don’t think we have any.

I’ve lost count of how many girls’ minds I’ve blown by explaining to them that we’re actually scared to say hello and that we get upset when we’re rejected.

That’s not an exaggeration BTW, I literally mean I blew their minds.

3. Most Don’t Think They’re Even Allowed To Make The First Move

I’m not joking when I say this. We all know girls want us to make the first moves but most of us think that’s just down to feminine privilege and while that’s a huge part of it, another is just that they don’t think they’re allowed to.

Most women think approaching and initiating things like sex is literally the man’s job and that for them to do it would be as ridiculous as walking into Mcdonalds, making themselves a happy meal, and helping their black asses to several of those toys that come with them.

They also assume you think that too and that if they did make the first move you’d be just as confused and offended with them for doing it as the poor Mcdonalds manager from my last metaphor.

When I’ve told girls most guys don’t like approaching found it almost impossible to believe, they always say things like:

“No way, men are hunters, that’s what they do!”

To which I ask them that if this was true, if men just love to hunt, why is it that porn (which is essentially male sexual fantasies) never involves the man having to work for sex? AT ALL??  That happens in female romance novels (female sexual fantasies) but not in erotica that’s aimed at men. If we really loved hunting for sex, we’d fantasise about it too. 

Once that’s said that their minds are once again blown.

FYI don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that if women knew we’d be ok with them making first moves they would, because the vast majority still wouldn’t. But the facts are the facts, most don’t even think it’s a possibility.

Think about that the next time you’re worried about whether or not you should make a move and ‘risking everything’ with a girl.

4. They Like Putting You In The Friendzone

Something you’ll notice if you really pay attention is the zeal with which women will say “he’s just a friend!” They really like to categorise men into rigid boxes and they also like it when that box clearly won’t paint them out to be a slut.

For instance, have you ever noticed that when girls post pictures with men on social media they always make sure it’s clear that the man is just a friend in the caption? They never post pics with men and leave it vague they always say things like “fun times with my brother from another mother!” and make sure there’s no chance of anyone thinking they’re fucking that dude.

But why? Well tbh everything I’m about to say now is guesswork because I know they like to friendzone, but I’m not entirely sure why so here’s my best guess. Oh and as an FYI, I’m talking about why they enjoy the process of labelling a man as just a friend, I’m not talking about what actually makes them do the friendzoning. That’s another conversation.


Part of it is a desire to not look like a slut. Being a woman who has lots of sexual partners is seen as a bad thing in society and most will do everything they can to not have people or even themselves see them that way.

Another part is a dislike of ambiguity, and here’s what I mean when I say that. Men on the whole are way more comfortable with uncertainty than women and that’s why we tend to take more risks whether that’s quitting our jobs to start businesses, travelling on our own, or even approaching strangers. Women on the whole really don’t like not knowing what the status of something is, especially relationships and that’s why they’re usually the ones to say “so what are we now?” after they’ve been dating for a while, they need the security of knowing exactly what’s what.

I think that’s a huge part of why they like to friendzone men. Because they didn’t like the uncertainty that comes from not knowing where they stand with a man and feel comfortable when there’s a nice neat box to put him in.

Oh and once again, I’m talking about why they consciously enjoy friendzoning, not what causes them to do the friendzoning itself.

5. Getting Them Won’t Make You Happy


This one’s the humdinger of all humdingers so here goes. The simple truth is that no amount of girls is gonna make you happy and the more you get the more you’ll subconsciously move the goalposts of what you need to feel good about yourself.

Once you get one girl you’ll need two, then four, then eight and so on and so on and so on. But the thing is that your happiness comes from you, you, and only you and nothing else. That’s why people like Kurt Cobain and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Avicii, Keith Flint and others killed themselves even though they had access to huge amounts of fame, wealth, and of course women.

Our society is kind of backwards in that regard, we chase happiness through external things like other people or possessions when in truth we have to cultivate it for ourselves. Nothing or no one can make you happy but you. Now as for exactly how you can do that well that’s a topic for another day, but the fact remains that no amount of women are ever going to make you happy and I dare you to prove me wrong.

But to that point, you’ll never really realise that for yourself until you learn how to get them so go out there, approach, approach, approach, get this area of your life handled, and ultimately evolve beyond it.

You got this.


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