6 Reasons Why Women Love Daemon Targaryen

 6 Reasons Why Women Love Daemon Targaryen

What is it about Daemon Targaryen that really gets the women going? And what can men learn from this?

First things first, have you seen House of the Dragon? It’s absolute quality TV at its finest.

This post is about a character called Daemon Targaryen. Every woman that watches the show seems to fall in love with him. 

The question is: why? 

What is it about Daemon Targaryen that really gets the women going? And what can men learn from this?

1. He’s Fearless

This man feels no fear. You can see that in the way he walks, the way he stands, the way he carries himself. There is clearly no-one he considers to be threatening to him.

A fantastic example of that would be when he’s fighting against a crab feeder and runs solo into battle against hundreds of men.

2. He Has An Air Of Danger

An air of danger is very attractive to women, which might sound counter-intuitive. Women don’t like to be placed in danger, but an attractive man with a slight bad boy temperament is incredibly powerful.

This is because women want to feel that their partner is capable of protecting them if shit hits the fan. 

Jordan Peterson nailed it when he said a good man isn’t harmless. A good man is someone who has an inner demon that he’s mastered – and uses only to protect the ones he loves.

This archetype of man is very common in edgy romance novels. In 50 Shades Of Grey, Christian Grey is so attractive to Anastasia, partly because she’s a little afraid of him. He’s powerful and intimidates her just a little bit.

Many women fantasize of taming a man like that. 

3. He Doesn’t Give A F*ck

He really doesn’t.

He is the only person on the show to directly call out Otto Hightower to his face.

Everyone else in the show backstabs, manipulates and operates in the shadows.  But, with Daemon, what you see is what you get. 

He is what he is – and shows no shame or insecurity about it. 

After he kills his wife, her cousin approaches him at a party and tells him she knows what he did.

Daemon just looks the guy in the eye and effectively says: “What are you going to do to me?”

This attitude shows strength, confidence and unbreakable self-belief, which women find incredibly attractive.

4. He’s An Alpha-Male

An undeniable quality of an alpha male is the ability to lead other men.

Daemon has plenty of followers in this show who worship and revere him. He’s one of the most well-known men in the Seven Kingdoms. 

He has clear status – and this is something which many women consider when choosing who to date.

Women care about a man’s standing in the social hierarchy, so being the leader in your group of friends can really help your dating life.     

5. He’s Unpredictable

There’s this scene where Corlys Velaryon’s brother is berating Rhaena and her children in

the throne room. Damon just cuts the man’s head off in front of everybody. It was shocking. You didn’t see it coming.

Women love the drama of not knowing what her crush is going to do or say. They love being taken on an emotional rollercoaster in the early stages of a romance, even if they won’t admit it.

But if they feel like they know everything you’re going to do and say, it’s going to be much harder for her to get excited about dating you. 

6. He Has A Sensitive Side

Daemon Targaryen is not all bad. He clearly has a soft spot for those who he loves. One of the most touching scenes in the show is where he’s helping his brother Viserys up the stairs. Viserys is struggling to get up the steps to the Iron Throne – and Daemon drops everything to help him. 

As dangerous and capable of pure dramage that Daemon might be, he will do anything for those closest to him.

Women love that archetype; a bad boy with a kind heart deep down.

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