10 Nightgame Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Avoid these nightgame mistakes to enhance your chances of pulling a woman home from a bar or club.

Hey hey, this is Ciaran. Here’s a quick breakdown of the biggest nightgame mistakes to avoid.

1. Going to tacky bars

Cheap and tacky bars are havens for fights, unpretty girls, and cock-fests full of drunk men.

2. Standing in the corner passively

You can’t wait for women to come and talk to you. No matter how cool you look when you’re doing it, it’ll largely be a waste of time. Get proactive and start putting yourself out there.

3. Not having fun

Women are in clubs to have fun and they gravitate towards men who are the source of that fun. If you’re seen to be not enjoying yourself, you won’t have a lot of value in that environment and women won’t be attracted to you.

4. Half-hearted approaches

Play to win rather than to not lose. Put your soul into your approaches. You’re competing with a lot of stimulants. Be loud. Get her attention. Have strong body language.

5. Polite chit-chat

Girls just wanna have fun – Don’t be desperate to make sense and talk about sensible, safe and logical topics – ditch the logical conversations. 

6. Buying them drinks

This looks like you’re trying to impress her with money and think you need to pay for her time. Don’t do it.

7. Ignoring her friends

It’s her friends who decide whether or not she’s going home with you. Engage with them and make them fall in love with you. She’ll never ditch them to spend time with some guy she’s just met.

8. Trying to take her home too early 

She’s likely spent a lot of time getting ready and isn’t going to want to leave the club early so don’t try and take her away too quickly. Also; most of your pulls will come at the end of the night so don’t give up and go home just because none of the girls seem to like you yet.

9. Moving too quickly

Don’t immediately launch into dry humping. Have some convo, connect with eye contact, establish some sort of connection and familiarity.

10. No plan to pull her home

You need an efficient plan for how you’re going to get her home and a good reason for why she’s coming back with you. “One more drink at mine” is a great excuse.

11. Getting too wasted

Getting wasted means you’ll be slurring your speech, acting like an idiot, and weirding girls out. This isn’t what you want.

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