Change Her Mood, Not Her Mind

The #1 rule of female psychology is that women make decisions based on emotions, not logic

Hey, it’s Joe.

Women make decisions based on emotions, not logic. 

This is the #1 rule of female psychology I wish all of our students would understand. 

In this video, I explain why this rule explains most female behaviour that confuses men. 

It explores:

  • Why looks and money aren’t important as you think;
  • Why ‘nice guys’ finish last;
  • Why she’ll have a one-night stand…
  • Why she flakes you;
  • Why online dating is so tough for guys;
  • Why women get upset about trivial things.

If you’ve pondered the answer to any of these questions, check out the video right now. 

Here’s a quick summary…

Why looks and money aren’t as important as you think

  • Logically, she’ll say she’ll only date rich and handsome men.  
  • In reality, she’ll date anyone who makes her feel good emotions

Why she won’t date ‘nice-guys’

  • Logically, she’ll say she wants a man who treats her like a princess. 
  • In reality, she doesn’t date these guys because they don’t give her the emotional rollercoaster she craves. 

Why she’ll have a one-night stand

  • Logically, she’ll tell you she’s ‘not that type of girl’
  • In reality, she’ll cave in if you can spark her emotions the right way.

Why women flake

  • Logically, she means it when she says she wants to go on that date with you. 
  • In reality, her emotions can change when it comes to actually going on it. She’ll listen to them. 

Why online dating is so tough for guys

  • It’s hard to create an emotional connection when you only have words and pictures to play with.
  • That’s why the guys who meet her logical standards (tall, rich, handsome) logically do better online.   

Why she gets upset about trivial things

  • Logically, it makes no sense to get upset about trivial problems. 
  • In reality, it’s how the problem makes her feel that gets her so upset. 

How can we change a woman’s emotions? 

This is a huge topic that we’ll cover throughout the academy, particularly in the next chapter on approaching women

Still, one of the most powerful things you can do is feel those emotions first. 

  • When you’re calm and relaxed, she’ll calm down. 
  • When you’re having fun, she’ll find it easier to enjoy herself. 
  • When you’re confident in yourself, she’ll be confident in you!

Whatever you feel, she feels!

It’s called the law of state transference and it’s one of the best ways to shift a woman’s emotions in your favour.