How To Attract Women With The ‘Buyer’s Mentality’

 How To Attract Women With The ‘Buyer’s Mentality’

Most men push women away without even know it by trying to attract with the seller’s mentality.

The seller’s mentality involves them to trying to sell a woman on their positive qualities.

Perhaps they do this by showing off how wealthy how they are, fancy dance moves or showing them with attention.

This rarely works…

Any seduction attempt where you’re actively trying to convince a woman to like you it makes you less attractive.

Women can detect when you think you’re trying to pull one over them like a shitty used car salesman – and their instincts tell them to nope the hell out of there.

So, how to shift into the buyer’s mentality?

Our good friend and all-round awesome seducer Avey Hayden explains in the wonderfully animated video below.

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