Dating Coach Panel: Old VS Young

 Dating Coach Panel: Old VS Young

Ice White assembled an old VS young panel for the second episode of the Dating Coach Panel, featuring Ross Jeffries from Speed Seduction, Justin Marc, Dan (Badboy) from Badboy Lifestyle and Sam Matheson (Formerly RSD Sam) from Real Social Dynamics.


Old VS Young Dating Coach Panel

For the second episode of Game Global’s Dating Coach Panel, we had a young VS old mix of dating coaches. On this panel:

  • Ice White (Game Global)
  • Ross Jeffries (Speed Seduction)
  • Justin Marc
  • Dan (Badboy Lifestyle)
  • Sam Matheson (Real Social Dynamics)


Thoughts On Andrew Tate

Ross Jeffries admitted that his first impressions of Andrew Tate were ‘this guy’s an idiot’, but then realized that ‘some of the things he has to say are incredibly valuable’. Ross is put off by Andrew’s displays of wealth, but appreciates the leadership lessons he has to offer.

Dan (Badboy) says that about 70% of what Andrew Tate says are good messages, and some of his advice is quite questionable. Badboy also says that focusing on money and work too much doesn’t really help guys become better men.

Justin Marc also initially thought that Andrew Tate was an ‘asshole’ and a ‘dick’ and clickbaity, but finds his advice very useful, and that his business content is very valuable. Justin Marc also mentioned that lots of figures in the ‘red pill space’ are not getting good results in their lives or are broke, but finds that Andrew Tate is a very capable and high achieving man, which makes him stand out. Andrew Tate is a good masculine role model for guys to aspire to. And if you want to take advice from someone, you should always take it from someone you’re willing to trade places with.

Sam Matheson (Formerly RSD Sam) has mutual friends with Andrew Tate, including Justin Waller. Sam says that Andrew Tate and other such figures have helped push masculinity into a topic that is actually being discussed, and that this alone is beneficial to a lot of young people.


Is Infield Footage A Scam?

Ross Jeffries is the Godfather of the seduction community itself, but doesn’t have any infield footage. People have asked him over the years why this is the case. He says that ‘the best proof that my stuff stuff works is your own results’. Your own results cannot be faked, but it’s no secret that other pickup artists have hired actresses and models for infield videos, and edited videos to make them look better, or only show a drop in the ocean to what is actually happening. Pickup artists that produce infield videos may only be showing the good stuff, and never showing the failed approaches and interactions.

Justin Marc, on the other hand, has many hours of infield footage and loves to show people that it is possible to socialize and seduce. An advantage for oneself is that you can analyze your old infield footage and see how you have progressed with your new infield footage over time. (Old VS Young infield footage?!)

I then threw into the discussion that Justin Marc is a great example for South Asians, especially Indians, and short men because he is showing that even a short Indian guy from Toronto can talk to women and find success, and so there is no way for guys to use the ethnicity card or the height card to make excuses.

Sam Matheson said that infield footage has pretty much changed and is now generally on TikTok and Instagram Reels, becoming a bit more normalized and more for clicks.

Dan (Badboy) said that if you look past all the marketing and really analyze yourself, you can gain so much knowledge and improvement for your game.


Real Social Dynamics, Owen Cook & Ross Jeffries

When Ross Jeffries first met Owen Cook (RSD Tyler), he was a teenager who couldn’t make eye contact. Ross would sit around with Erik Von Markovik (Mystery), Chris Odom (Lovedrop), Neil Strauss (Style), Nick Kho (Papa) and Owen Cook (Tyler Durden) and talk about game during the days of Project Hollywood.

Neil Strauss wrote in the book The Game:

“The guy gives me the willies,” Ross said. “There’s something creepy about his lack of ordinary human warmth. I wouldn’t be surprised if sooner or later he breaks from Mystery and just teaches totally on his own. He’s uncomfortable around people who are more powerful than him. Besides, he’s already claiming to be better than Mystery.”

Though I wrote the comment off as more of Ross’s competitive paranoia, Tyler Durden soon proved him right.


Was Real Social Dynamics A Cult?

Ross Jeffries asked Sam Matheson if Real Social Dynamics (RSD) was a cult. However, Ross gave credit to RSD for, back in the day, keeping their brand pure by never cross-promoting.

Ice White

Ice is a Canadian bestselling author, and founder of Game Global. His book, The Message Game, is the most practical book on online dating and has helped thousands of men around the world get dates within days of reading it. He is also the creator of MGAI, the AI wingman for online dating.

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