You Have to Realise You Don’t Need The Girl To Get The Girl

 You Have to Realise You Don’t Need The Girl To Get The Girl

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So over a year ago I did a challenge called 100 Women in 50 Days. It was a huge learning experience for me which taught me loads about male and female interaction and psychology and honestly one of the best things I ever did.


If there’s one takeaway that I have from the whole experience (and I’ve got more than a few) it’s that you really need to realise that you’re enough and that you’re bringing value to a woman’s life. Men with no confidence repulse women worse than fresh dog shit but a man who knows his own worth and is comfortable in his own skin is fucking magnetic.


We all spend so much time wondering about what the perfect pickup lines are or whether or not we’re handsome enough but the truth is these things don’t really matter. It’s really not a case of what you say but the energy with which you say it. You can say something ‘boring’ like ‘Hey I just had to let you know that you’re gorgeous.’ and have it blow a girl’s mind if it’s delivered with confidence and energy. 


Looks matter to a small degree, but they really only open the door for you. Women won’t give you more than 30 seconds if you don’t have personality to go along with your beautiful face. But having said that; an ugly man with power, confidence and status (Biggie Smalls for instance) can have a gang of women clamouring for his time.



The next time you approach a girl, or even just communicate with one you think is sexy af, remember that YOU’RE THE SHIT. Remember that you’re giving her the gift of you and that by spending time in your presence, she’s getting a deep influx of real value into her life. 


That’s the mentality that women find irresistible. Not fake arrogance that feels like it has something to prove, but deep and real confidence that comes from knowing who you are and what you’re worth!


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