I’m Full Of Shit

 I’m Full Of Shit

It’s true and I’ll tell you why. You see, something that’s pissed me off for the last five years is people I know waiting to see me in person to say how much they love my content. 


They almost never say it online. They usually don’t like or comment on my posts or even DM me, they just usually wait until we’re face to face and these will often be people I don’t necessarily see very often either, maybe every few years or so.


As a content creator, especially one who makes uplifting content like mine, the truth is that I want to be praised for it. I want people to let me know they’ve gotten value from my work and that I’m doing something worthwhile. 




Like I said, at least for me, I don’t get those messages as often as I’d like. Should I give a damn? Maybe not, but a big part of me does and I’d be lying if I said otherwise. 


The ego is a very real thing.


Anyway, with this in mind it’s always pissed me off that people will wait to see me in person before giving a brother his props. Someone will have watched a video or a challenge I did back in 2018, thought to themselves “Woah, this is amazing! Ciaran’s done a great thing here!” but not say a damn thing until they see me in person 4 years later.


I’ve always wondered “Why the fuck wouldn’t they just drop me a DM to let me know? Why not at the very least just like the content so it boosts me in the algorithm and gets me more views??”


Like I said before it’s bothered me for years, but guess what?


Last week I was at a funeral where I saw a girl called Paris who I haven’t seen in like a decade. We spoke, shot the breeze, and had some jokes until she said the same damn thing that’s pissed my black ass off for over half a decade. 


Yeah, that’s right, she said she loves following me online and seeing what I get up to. She said all of that even though she’s never once actually commented on or liked any of my content.


Now I spent a split second feeling self righteous until something happened. 


Can you guess what? 


I found myself telling Paris that I loved watching her weight loss journey and how proud I was of her from going from overweight to being in really good shape.


And that’s when it hit me


I fid exactly the same thing that I spent years complaining about other people doing. I spent about 5 years watching Paris slowly transform from being fat to  in amazing shape and never once said a God damn thing. I cheered her on privately but didn’t see fit to give her any support or encouragement. I easily could have reached out and let her know how proud of her I was but I never bothered to do it until I saw her in person.


I was and am a God damn mother fucking hypocrite.


When I realised that I let her know everything I just told you and we had the biggest laugh about it. But it still doesn’t change the fact that I spent years complaining about something that I was doing myself.


Makes me wonder what other blind spots I’ve got that I don’t know about.


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