Ping Messages

 Ping Messages

Something I get asked a lot is what’s the best type of message to send to get a girl’s attention and to that, my dear friend, I always say the ping message.


Now the word ping comes from internet terminology. Basically a modem ping determines if a device is up and running by sending a packet, or signal to the modem. If the modem receives the packet and sends it back, the modem is connected.




Now how the hell this applies to dating is that you will apply this mindset to girls rather than try to engage them in conversations with “Hey how’s it going?” texts and I’ll tell you why.


Let’s assume you ask a girl “Are you having a good day?” Your odds of getting a reply to that are relatively slim because:


1. It Doesn’t Offer Value

You might think it’s totally fine to ask some random girl a question like that but it isn’t because the less value she gets from your text the less likely she’ll be to respond. 

By asking her how she is, you’re hoping she gives enough of a shit about you to reply, but you’re not actually compelling her to do so. In fact you’re giving her absolutely no reason whatsoever. You’re just HOPING that she’ll be nice enough to respond. You have to remember that when you message girls you’re competing for their attention with every app and contact on their smartphones. If you’re not interesting you’ll be ignored for something or someone who is.


You need to give the girl value I.e. good emotions, intrigue, surprise, humour, arousal, amazement etc for her to give a shit about your DMs. That’s your goal:


2. If Makes You Look Bad If She Doesn’t Reply

If you say to a girl, ‘hey how’s it going?’ or something else that makes it clear you want her to talk to you, and she doesn’t reply, you look like a loser.


Have you ever seen those online DM screenshots where some guy’s constantly hitting up a girl who’s ignoring him? That’s what you run the risk of becoming when you ask regular questions like that. Those questions don’t inspire replies and they make you look bad when the replies inevitably don’t come.




Ping texts are texts that remind a girl of the fact that she has a connection with you (like a modem and a server) but require absolutely no input from her whatsoever. 


They remind her of your existence while offering value, and that’s it. They’re more likely to get responses than regular texts due to how interesting they are, but because all you’ve done is offer value and not made an apparent attempt to get a conversation going, even if the girl doesn’t reply you still look cool because you weren’t actually trying to get her to talk to you. 


Ping texts can be anything, text, images, videos, voice notes etc although as with all online content, images, audio, and videos get the best engagement. The only thing is that they need to depict something cool and interesting which will move her emotionally enough to either respond or just be reminded of how cool you are.


Examples might be:


Beautiful places you’re visiting 

Cute animals you’re playing with 

You having fun with cool people (girls especially)

Etc etc. There’s no limit to the amount of things you can use to ping a girl.




Just remember that when you ping girls they might not respond and that’s OK. The goal isn’t to get them to reply, per se, it’s to remind them of how awesome you are, it’s perfectly common to have girls reply to the 3rd, fourth, or 7th ping to say how funny they thought all the rest were.




Add all your female contacts into a single WhatsApp broadcast list. It will let you send the same message to multiple girls at once meaning you can ping dozens of contacts with a single message.



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