Podcast #22: Girl Next Door Is Brutally Honest About What Girls Want

 Podcast #22: Girl Next Door Is Brutally Honest About What Girls Want

In today’s episode, Ciaran got his good friend Sam to answer a ton of questions sent in by the Game Global community. They included:

  • Do girls prefer to be approached via social media or real life?
  • Why most women never approaches me?
  • Why do some women enjoy blowing out men who sum up the courage to approach them?
  • What is it that girls hate about men to the point they feel nauseated in the stomach, feel pity and embarrassed about them?
  • Would she go on an instant date with a man who approached her on the street
  • In the first 30 seconds when she meets a man for the first time, what makes a big impression on her? – Looks/ Status, /Fashion/ Charisma/ Voice?
  • What’s the average woman’s opinion on men and women dating others/multiple dates when they’re not exclusively in a relationship yet?
  • Face with terrible body, or great body but horrendous face? What would she prefer from a partner?
  • What is the hardest part about dating for women?
  • Do men on the whole satisfy women in the bedroom?
  • What differentiates the guy a girl would have sex with in a day versus the guy she would have sex with in a month?
  • Is every single girl “freaky”? That they just hide it/lie to not look slutty?
  • What do women look for in a man?
  • How have her views on men changed as she’s gotten older?

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Ciaran Callam

I take men who don’t know how to meet women & give them an abundance they never dreamed possible. I take meek mice & turn them into wild lions. If you follow my instructions I’ll change your life, and that’s a fact.

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