Podcast #22: How Stefano Got His Groove Back

 Podcast #22: How Stefano Got His Groove Back

In today’s episode Ciaran spoke to his former coaching client Stefano, a guy who signed up to his coaching program last year and got life changing results from it. Here they talk about what his life was like before they started working together, how’s it’s improved, and what it was that made Ciaran’s coaching so transformational. Below is Stefano’s written account of his experience of Ciaran’s coaching.

Where I was when I met Ciaran

“At this point in my life I was getting very frustrated with my success with women. I would say I was averagely successful, but I wanted way more. I wanted women to be a source of pleasure and not a source of frustration. I was not sure how to go about meeting women because I thought I needed all this extra stuff to do it like money, cars, status etc. Now all these things don’t hurt you, but they are not a necessity. I was not sure how to spend my time and energy to gain maximum value from my investment, and I spent a lot of time doing stuff that did not help me reach my goals.”

How Ciaran helped

“When I started working with Ciaran, my energy was all over the place and he helped me realise what I should pay attention to, what I should work on and what I should stop worrying about. This took a tremendous amount of stress off my shoulders because now I could spend my time and energy in a directed manner, under Ciaran’s experience and guidance. This resulted in me being happier and more confident in all aspects of my life, not just women. He helped me become a way better version of myself. I went from 0 approaches to hundreds of approaches in the 6 months we worked together. I became confident in my own skin and realised the value I have. I literally had more personal growth in 6 months than most of my life before that. In addition, the one thing I loved when working with Ciaran was that the progress you make is up to you, you must put the work in. And the more you put it in, the more Ciaran will be able help”.

Results with women now

“As mentioned earlier, I approached hundreds of women while working with Ciaran and had a huge amount of social interactions. I went from banging only the girls I could get, to banging the girls I want. Working with Ciaran has made my journey with women be enjoyable and not an endless frustration.”

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