Podcast #32: How To Overcome Rejection

 Podcast #32: How To Overcome Rejection

In this episode of the Game Global podcast, Ciaran spoke to dating coach Dale Valor about how guys can overcome their fear of rejection. 


They discussed:

  • The fact that rejection is a part of the Game and something everybody goes through 
  • How meeting women is largely a numbers game. The more you meet, the bigger your chance of success will be
  • How even A-list celebrities get rejected (Dale tells an epic story of a time Justin Bieber was rejected)
  • How a girl you’ve approached on the street isn’t actually rejecting you as a person, because she doesn’t even know anything about you. She’s rejecting your approach and whatever preconceived ideas she has about you based on the 2 seconds she’s spent looking at your face
  • How to use rejection as a tool for improvement 
  • Why men are scared of rejection 
  • How our brains can trip us up and make rejection seem like more of a big deal than it really is
  • How even a hall of fame basketball player like Kobe Bryant had a .447 field goal percentage, meaning he missed more than half of every shot he said very took in his career
  • How a world class footballer like Ian Wright who was known for scoring acrobatic and sensational goals, was only able to do it because he kept trying and failing until he got good at them
  • How Ciaran had to go through a period of trial and error in order to develop the skill set of having the sexually charged conversations with women that he’s known for
  • That most men are too scared to face rejection; meaning that even if you fail, you’re still in the top 5% of guys worldwide.
  • How the worst night of all time can and completely turn around with one successful approach 
  • How the woman you’re intimidated by isn’t perfect, has likely crapped her pants at some point, and should never be placed on a pedestal
  • How approaching women seems scary because it’s currently outside of your comfort zone but the more you do it, the more a natural part of your personality it’ll become
  • Why being rejected is no different than playing Super Mario and having Mario fall down a gap and die. Press start and play again

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