Podcast #35: Elite Tinder Game

 Podcast #35: Elite Tinder Game

Today Ciaran spoke to Alex from Playing With Fire about the ins and outs of great online game.

Here you’ll learn:

  • Why trying to be overly witty & gamey murders your chances of success when texting girls
  • How to get a girl heavily invested in her text chat with you so she sends passionate paragraphs & not 1 & 2 word replies
  • How to maintain a high level of perceived value in a girl’s eyes when you text her
  • The best way to ask a Tinder match out on a date
  • How to slowly, deliberately, and comfortably build sexual tension to red hot levels on a date
  • Why it’s usually best to use subtle innuendos in your texts rather than blatant sexual references
  • Why it’s easier than you think to get girls to come straight to your place from Tinder
  • How women almost never say what they mean & why men need to learn to look into the deeper meanings behind their actions & words
  • The subtle signals girls send to let guys know they want sex but guys often miss
  • How you’re not alone in feeling like you’re the only one who hasn’t got everything figured out
  • Why you’ll still have a damn good chance of getting with a girl even if she catches you kissing her sister
  • Why the man always has to lead in a romantic/sexual scenario & you should never give that control to the woman

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