Podcast #38: How Jacopo Got 11x More Girls

 Podcast #38: How Jacopo Got 11x More Girls

In this episode Ciaran spoke to his coaching client Jacopo; a man who’s now getting 11x more dates than before they started working together. This conversation mainly looks at the benefits of having someone else look at your specific situation, spot the blind spots you don’t even know you have, and tell you how to overcome them

But it also covers the main benefits Jacopo learned which include:

  • How to get confidence to approach women in a wide variety of scenarios, not just clubs
  • The mindset guys need for success with women
  • How to keep conversations going and not run out of things to say
  • How to convert conversations to solid plans for dates
  • How to get over your ex
  • How to read women in a way that most men can’t
  • How to make women trust you
  • How to message women in a way that makes them want to reply
  • How to seduce women with much less effort than & by being yourself without PUA techniques

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