Podcast #49 – Your Ego’s Causing Your Approach Anxiety

 Podcast #49 – Your Ego’s Causing Your Approach Anxiety

In this episode of the podcast, Ciaran and Joe sat down for a chat about the ego and how it can ruin your successes with women.

Here you’ll learn

  • That the person you think you are is nothing more than a lie you’ve told yourself
  • How the story you have told yourself about who you are is holding you back
  • What the ego is and how it makes you both scared to approach women and want to approach them at the same time
  • How the brain doesn’t care about your happiness and gives you huge amounts of plausible excuses to not do things it doesn’t want you to do
  • How everything we want in life lies on the other side of confronting our egos
  • How to give yourself the confidence to approach a beautiful woman before your ego has a chance to talk out of it
  • How to love the process of going out and being rejected by women
  • The dangers of being too happy when women validate you
  • That your thoughts and emotions aren’t actually you
  • How meditation helps boost your confidence by changing your relationship to yourself
  • Why people are scared of trying new things
  • The benefits of hanging out with people who are better than you

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