Podcast #61 – Why You Didn‘t Get A 2nd Date

 Podcast #61 – Why You Didn‘t Get A 2nd Date

In today’s episode of the podcast, Ciaran tells the story of his client who lost a girl’s attraction by letting her lead, and gives tips you can follow to not make the same mistakes.

Here you’ll learn:

  • Exactly how and why his client messed up with that girl
  • How women subtly test your ability to lead
  • When a man should lead a woman and when he shouldn’t
  • Why women need you to lead them
  • A thorough rundown on how masculine and feminine energies interact with each other
  • How society secretly manipulates you to be shit with women
  • Why girls will pretend to want to lead but lose respect for you when you let them
  • Why diluting your personality for a woman is the worst thing you can do
  • How to be yourself and not give a damn about what she thinks
  • What happens on the rare occasions that men who don’t lead actually get into relationships with the few manipulative women who want them
  • How you’ve been training the girls you date to put in the bare minimum of effort with you
  • A dating secret most men don’t know that will make women respect and want you so much more

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Ciaran Callam

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