We'll build you the dating life you've always wanted

Are you sick of your mediocre sex life and being ignored by the women you really want?

Are you tired of being anxious and confused around girls?  

Do you want to become desired by high-quality women?  

We’re committed to transform you into the guy who:  

  • is overwhelmed by choices of women to date
  • wakes up to several DMs from girls asking when they can hang out
  • enjoys romantic relationships with beautiful high-quality women
  • has choice and control in his dating life instead of begging for scraps

We both used to have no idea why women didn’t like us. So, we got to work to discover what women actually want. We read books, attended seminars, watched videos, bought courses, listened to podcasts, met coaches and slowly grinded away at our insecurities for years. We also went out and met THOUSANDS of women to see if this new information ACTUALLY WORKED. Now, we want to help you learn what we learned. That’s why we created an international brotherhood - a tribe of men on the same path as you - to help turn your wildest dating dreams into reality.  

The best way to be great at anything in life is to surround yourself with guys who know more than you. You're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

It’s this powerful law that drove us to create a mastermind academy for men who want to lead truly incredible dating lives. And it’s this law that will make you unstoppable once you take advantage of it.  

  • Maybe you’ve tried to learn dating advice, but found it too difficult to separate the life-changing content from the fluff? Perhaps you want to go and meet more women, but find it too difficult without any support? Or you’re always out meeting women, but have no idea why you’re falling flat on your face?  

Our mastermind academy both educates and feedback on each other’s sticking points, so everyone learns what ACTUALLY impresses women.  

Gain expert insights into female psychology 

So with that in mind, do you want to become amazing at attracting women? 

Do you want to know: 

  • How to approach women in a non-creepy way?  
  • What to say to gain her interest in any environment?  
  • How to text so she’s excited to come out on a date? 
  • How to approach groups of girls and have them all wanting to know you better?  
  • How to use social media as a tool to fascinate girls and make them initiate contact?  
  • How to help a woman unleash her sexuality within hours of meeting you? 
  • How to avoid being seen as the harmless friend that women don’t take seriously? 

You’ll get all the above & more by joining the Game Global Mastermind Academy - our coaching network which spans across Facebook, WhatsApp & Telegram. 

Facebook group

When you join our Facebook group you'll get:  

Strategy Calls with Ciaran & Joe Each call will provide insight into a different area of success with women, but if you have a specific question, then ask away and it’ll be answered.  

Personalised Coaching & Feedback We answer every question put to us and will guide you through all your dating problems. Using our years of experience, we’ll help uncover the subconscious blind spots that are sabotaging your success with the opposite sex.

Exclusive Footage of us Approaching Women You’ll see footage of us out meeting and seducing women using the techniques we teach. What’s more, you’ll see us breaking down why they work, so you can do it too.

Exclusive QA Content We regularly dive deep on the issues that are holding you back so you can level up as a man.

Daily Personal Development Videos You’ll get daily videos that analyse various areas of success with women and social/self-confidence and show you how to become the best possible version of yourself.

Interviews with Dating Experts Audio interviews with men (sometimes women) who know their shit when it comes to attraction. Want to learn from the most successful guys in the world and finally know what girls are REALLY thinking? This is for you.

Text Messaging Support Girls ignoring your messages after you get their numbers? Do your text chats start OK but quickly fizzle out and go nowhere? With our help, you’ll have girls consistently and excitedly responding to your messages and eager to go on dates with you.

Tinder Profile Feedback Not getting enough matches? It’s likely you’ve made some catastrophic errors on your profile that we can fix. We’ll give brutal feedback to help you create a profile that girls find intriguing and not repellant.  

Fyi, if you don't have facebook then no problem, we'll send all the above directly to your phone  

WhatsApp & Telegram groups

When you join our community, we'll add you to our private WhatsApp & Telegram groups free of charge. This is where you'll chat in real time with us and the tribe for immediate support.  

  • Just matched with a girl on Tinder and want a quick conversation starter?  
  • Stuck for a witty response to a girl's DM?  
  • Need quick advice on fun date ideas?  
  • Nervously waiting for a date and need a quick confidence boost?  
  • Suffering from approach anxiety and need help to get over it?  
  • Going travelling and need a wingman to show you the hottest bars in the area?  
  • Want detailed advice that’s tailored to your specific problems instead of the vague stuff you see online?  
  • Want a supportive environment where you’re safe to talk freely about the things you’re going through with no judgement whatsoever?  

You'll get all the above & more when you join.

Everything you get & how much it costs

Joining Game Global gets you:  

  • Facebook group - $50 value  
  • WhatsApp & Telegram groups - $50 value 
  • Exclusive personal communication with Ciaran & Joe - $1000 value
  • A free telephone consultation to identify your stumbling blocks & get you to the next level - $100 value 
  • Daily personal development audios - $200 value
  • Tinder profile feedback & support - $50 value
  • Our exclusive 'How to Get Girls' podcast - $50 value 
  • Brotherhood and community - priceless 


As well as these free ebooks:  

  • How to Approach Women on the Street - $100 value  
  • How to Get Over Rejection - $100 value 
  • 12 Secrets About Attracting Women That Society Won't Tell You - $20 value 
  • The Pics That Will Boost or Destroy Your Tinder Profile - $20 value 
  • 5 Keys to Unstoppable Confidence - $20 value  

This should cost $1760 but for a limited time, we’re giving it to you for only... 

$35 a month  

with no contracts or hidden agendas. Plus...

There's no risk with our 15-day money back guarantee

Meaning that...

If you cancel at any time in your first 15 days, you'll get a full refund