What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

 What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Here are my recommended activities to propel yourself out of a depressed mood.

Yo, it’s Ciaran.

These are testing times and I know a lot of people have hit a real low during this pandemic.

So, I wanted to share some of my best tips for breaking out of depressive mindsets.

1. Change your physical state

As Tony Robbins said: “motion creates emotion”.

When I’m feeling down, I get up off my arse and do some exercise. Maybe it’s just 10 minutes of interval training – but that makes the world of difference.

Once you work up a sweat, your heart starts pumping and muscles begin to ache, your body starts releasing endorphins that make you feel AMAZING.

Also, if you exercise at the gym, jump in the sauna afterwards. That’s another great way to change your physical state – and there are too many physical and mental benefits to list right now.

I understand it’s the last thing you’ll feel like doing when you’re stuck in a rut – but I promise it’ll do so much to have you feeling better.

2. Write a gratitude journal

I’d suggest writing down all the things in life you’re grateful for.

This might be difficult, especially if you’ve trained yourself to believe that everything sucks and life isn’t fair.

Still, I’d urge you to sit without distractions and give it a try.

When you force yourself to think about this, your mind starts to remind you of all the things you have going for you.

Most likely, you have a home, four limbs, two eyes, an electronic device to read these words on. Perhaps you have a few good friends, family members, your youth, a decent job. These are all things to be grateful for.

3. Sit with the pain

There’s the pain you feel – but then there’s the story you have in relation to the pain. Ironically it’s the story that causes most of the suffering. You might feel sadness – and tell yourself it’s because you suck and your life sucks – but you don’t have to tell that story.

A great way to see your depressive stories as optional is to sit alone with your thoughts. Don’t judge them. Just sit in a meditative state, accept and acknowledge them.

This isn’t easy but I’m telling you it will help. Resist all distractions for 10-20 minutes a day and give it a try.

What you resist, persists. What you accept, fades away.


I know this isn’t easy

It’s far easier to smother your depression with DRUGS, ALCOHOL, PORN, FAST FOOD, NETFLIX and other short-term distractions, but this doesn’t solve the problem. It only delays you having to deal with them.

I know you’re strong enough to face your problems head-on instead.

The last thing I want to say is: you don’t have to be alone in dealing with these emotions.

If you need someone to talk about your situation and develop a battle-plan to have you feeling better, click to book a free telephone consultation with me.


Ciaran Callam

I take men who don’t know how to meet women & give them an abundance they never dreamed possible. I take meek mice & turn them into wild lions. If you follow my instructions I’ll change your life, and that’s a fact.

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