Podcast #12: How To Talk Dirty To A Girl

 Podcast #12: How To Talk Dirty To A Girl

Today’s episode is all about talking dirty and in it, Ciaran and his friend Sasha spend a whole hour having one of the most sinful conversations known to man. There’s lots of great gems of value to be taken from this episode, for instance:

  • How to talk dirty.
  • Why holding back with dirty talk or any kind of sexual activity will dry up her vagina.
  • Why strong eye contact during sex makes women wet with lust.
  • Why a girl needs to feel like the only woman in the world when you’re fucking her and how to make that happen.
  • Why not judging a woman’s sexuality will allow her to unleash her inner freak.
  • Why girls love to be kept guessing in the bedroom and how doing the same thing bores them to tears.

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