Podcast #19: How To Have Sex With Her Soul

 Podcast #19: How To Have Sex With Her Soul

In this episode, Ciaran spoke to Pavitra, a fashion designer and self proclaimed goddess who lives in Bali.

They discussed:

  • The benefit of seeing sex as a playful game in which you connect to a flow of energy rather than a battle of conquest.
  • How society deliberately controls us by limiting our access to sexual energy
  • How porn helps gives people unrealistic views of sexuality and ultimately makes them miserable
  • The shame people are trained to feel regarding their sexualities
  • How men become more successful, confident, strong, driven, muscular, and masculine when they practice semen retention
  • How semen retention and tantric sex help men overcome deep rooted issues by forcing them to confront suppressed trauma
  • Why discipline, dignity, and integrity are highly attractive traits for men to possess
  • How doing the tough things that you don’t really want to do, will build mental strength and make you more attractive to women
  • The three way relationship she had with two men
  • The relationships she’s had with women
  • Why it’s important to give your partner freedom in a relationship and to not try to own them and control their behaviour
  • Whether or not monogamy is natural
  • Why pretending to be someone you’re not is a recipe for disaster in the bedroom
  • The benefits of tantric sex

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