Podcast #21: The Advantage Of Having A Small Dick

 Podcast #21: The Advantage Of Having A Small Dick

In this episode of the podcast Ciaran spoke to his friend Kitty, an exotic dancer from Florida.

They spoke about:

  • The importance of freely expressing yourself sexually
  • How to have threesomes
  • The biggest mistake guys make in the bedroom
  • Why a man needs to take control in the bedroom
  • Whether or not all women are bisexual
  • Whether or not size matters
  • How female orgasms are far more intense and powerful than male orgasms
  • The insecurities all women, even strippers, have about sex
  • Why people find it hard to maintain eye contact
  • How much she charges for pictures of her feet and how she got into selling feet pics
  • How to get over a broken heart
  • the advantage of having a small dick
  • How many times she’s had sex with women

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