Podcast #47: Alpha Female Roasts Guys’ Tinder Profiles

 Podcast #47: Alpha Female Roasts Guys’ Tinder Profiles

In today’s episode, Ciaran had a female friend break down guys’ Tinder profiles. She was cold and brutally honest and truth be told, some feelings might be hurt from this episode. But still, this is how we learn and grow. If you want to find out what women are really thinking when they look at guys’ profiles, like the stuff they won’t usually say? Check out this episode.

Here you’ll learn:

  • How little details in your pics that you might miss can make or break your chances of a match
  • How poorly taken pictures are the enemy of female attraction on dating apps
  • How girls can tell if a guy is trying to hide the fact he doesn’t have a good body
  • Why you need a consistent theme which runs through all your online dating pics
  • Why your face needs to be clearly visible and look the same in all your pics
  • Why you should never post pics with friends who are more attractive than you
  • The wrong way to post pics with other girls on your profile
  • Why being overly friendly and goofy in your profile is anti-masculine and disgusts women
  • Why women need to feel authenticity and sincerity from your profile in order to trust you enough to swipe right
  • Why she needs to look at your profile and feel like you’re a man and not a boy
  • What unattractive guys need to do to stand out on dating apps
  • Exactly why girls find some guys creepy
  • Why it’s crucial to post pics that make you look your absolute best
  • Why looking like you’re trying too hard turns women off faster than you could ever imagine
  • How being on a dating app is essentially interviewing for one of the most important roles in a woman’s life which makes them judge you harshly and in a cutthroat manner
  • Why you need to be dynamic and display many different facets to your character in order to attract women on dating apps

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