Podcast #55 – Why She Ignored Your Tinder Messages

 Podcast #55 – Why She Ignored Your Tinder Messages

In today’s episode of the Game Global podcast Ciaran and his friend Kat went through her Tinder DMs to see why she did and didn’t respond to or meet up with various guys.

Here you’ll learn:

  • What hot girls go for in a man
  • Why most guys turn girls off with their openers
  • Why you need to make your messages very easy to understand
  • How to send an opener that she’ll be excited to respond to
  • The benefits of investing in really good dating profile pictures
  • Real life examples of boring chats that make girls ghost you
  • The assumptions girls make about you based on how you message them
  • Real life examples of witty conversations that compel girls to respond and make them want to meet you
  • Sex acts you need to perform to satisfy her
  • Why guys rapidly gross girls out in bed
  • Why dirty talk is needed to turn a girl on

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Ciaran Callam

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