Podcast #60 – Hot German Girl Dishes Dirt On How Men Suck In Bed

 Podcast #60 – Hot German Girl Dishes Dirt On How Men Suck In Bed

In today’s episode of the podcast, Ciaran sat down with a female friend for a chat about the different things men do to disappoint girls in bed.

Here you’ll learn:

  • The one thing that infuriates a girl most in bed
  • Why she needs to feel like she’s connected to you and how to make that happen
  • Why most guys fail miserably at connecting with girls
  • The greatest sexual experience she ever had and why it was amazing
  • How to have amazing threesomes
  • How to make a girl unleash her inner slut on you
  • How to pleasure her soul as well as her body
  • Unusual things that girls are attracted to in guys
  • How it feels for a girl when she’s turned on
  • Why it’s essential you don’t judge her sexuality
  • How different it feels for a girl to have sex with another woman versus a man

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