Podcast #63 – Who has it worse, men or women?

 Podcast #63 – Who has it worse, men or women?

in today’s episode Ciaran spoke to female sex coach Anna about the problems men and women have when it comes to dating.

Here you’ll learn:

  • Dating app messages that bore her to death 
  • How to be interesting to a girl even though the words you’re saying are boring
  • The biggest mistake women think men make on dating apps
  • A rare and unconventional tip to improve your messaging abilities
  • How to attract the type of girl you want on dating apps and why most guys (and girls) can’t do it
  • Fast tips you can implement to improve your texting abilities right now
  • What girls do after they match you and swap contact details
  • Why it’s best to send voice notes rather than written texts
  • Why girls hate dick pics but guys love sending them
  • The biggest mistake women think men man when trying to seduce them
  • The one thing women need from men and how to give it to them
  • Why women on dating apps treat men like guys treat porn
  • How most women view guys
  • Why the girl you’ve matched is looking for an excuse to discredit and ghost you
  • A mindset that will greatly improve the quality of all your Tinder pics
  • How a man with a great body can show it off in  his dating app pics without looking arrogant
  • What girls do when they get comfortable and don’t care about impressing you anymore.

And more.

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