Podcast #13: How 2 Shy Losers Became Powerful Alpha Males

Today’s episode features Ciaran Callam and Joe Elvin talking about how they got into game. In it you’ll learn: How society lies to you about what women are attracted to. How to make girls like you even by saying the silliest things. What self amusement is, and why it’s key to making girls attracted to […]Read More

Podcast #12: How To Talk Dirty To A Girl

Today’s episode is all about talking dirty and in it, Ciaran and his friend Sasha spend a whole hour having one of the most sinful conversations known to man. There’s lots of great gems of value to be taken from this episode, for instance: How to talk dirty. Why holding back with dirty talk or […]Read More

Podcast #11: How To Keep Her Attracted To You

In today’s episode of the Game Global podcast, Ciaran Callam spoke to sexual psychologist and seduction expert Aglena 3SR about how a man can not just attract a woman, but keep her attracted to him over time. Book a free consultation with Ciaran 3SR’s events for 2020 FREE Game call with AglenaRead More