The Best *FREE* Videos In Game Academy

 The Best *FREE* Videos In Game Academy

What’s up, it’s Joe.

I wanted to take a moment to share the most useful *FREE* videos from Game Academy.

After all, it appears that throughout our excitement over our sale on VIP memberships, there are a few people who didn’t realise they could access a lot of the videos without paying a penny.

  • A great starting point might be our approach anxiety series. These features 7 short videos, each explaining a different technique for keeping approach anxiety at bay.
  • Another highlight is our series of ‘To Avoid At All Costs’ videos. Here you’ll learn the mistakes that must absolutely never do during daygamenightgame and when messaging.
  • Finally, you should absolutely check our interviews with Justin Marc and Drew Schroeder on creating an epic social circle. These guys dropped some serious value, and we are so grateful for it!

What’s more, if you want a sniff of what you can get with a VIP membership,  you can click here to check out our 4 preview videos.

That’ll give you a taste of the key VIP features including:

  • 3.5 hours of daygame audio;
  • 15 detailed pull stories;
  • Personal online dating feedback reviews;
  • Weekly group coaching calls;
  • and more…
Currently, you purchase a monthly-pay-as-you-go VIP membership or a half-price lifetime membership, but both of these options disappear on 9 June. 

Click here to join our tribe of VIP Game Academy members >>

Joe Elvin

Joe is a freelance lifestyle writer and co-founder at Game Global. His book 'Big Dick Energy' teaches men how to unleash their natural masculine energy and attract amazing women. His book 'The Camera Never Lies' reveals the 17 lessons he learned after filming his dating life for a year. You can learn more at

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