The Message Game Is Here, GET IT NOW!

It’s finally here.   In February 2018 I put together a bunch of screenshots of my messages on Google Docs and showed a few people with some analysis of how to get dates and matches from Tinder. I kept it growing and people kept looking. We quickly made a community around it. For over a […]Read More

Podcast #03: Hot Girl Tells Us The Best Sex She

In this episode of the Game Global podcast, Ciaran Callam sat down for a chat with a female friend about a man who she had an unbelievably strong sexual connection that lead to countless hours of mind blowing sex. Now just so we’re clear; the point of this isn’t to be lewd for lewd’s sake, […]Read More

Podcast #02: How To Get Girls To Message You Back

Ever had a girl who seemed to like you in person and happily give you her number straight up ignore your messages altogether or stop responding after the first couple? If so then this episode’s for you because in it Ciaran Callam and J MacDaniel Conto go in depth about the different strategies you can […]Read More

Podcast #01: How To Build A Cool Social Circle

Episode 1 – How to build a cool social circle Ever wanted to know how to build an awesome social circle full of cool people? If so, this is for you because in the first ever Game Global podcast Ciaran Callam and J MacDaniel Conto spend 30 minutes talking just about that. Here you’ll learn […]Read More

The problem with “The One”

These are the questions that I come across way too often: “There’s this one girl in my class” “There’s this girl I’ve had a crush on” “I’m in love with XYZ, so how do I tell them without being rejected?” “There’s someone I really want who has a bf and I don’t know what to […]Read More

Mission 2: The Cheek Kisser

Uh oh. Here we go again. The Cheek Kisser.   Last time we set the mission to get a girl to dance with you in the street to street music performers. Well, our favorite is from Andrew, Game San Diego. Although it’s very short, it highlights a problem a lot of guys run into – […]Read More

Does Message Game Matter? Is It Real Game?

I want to emphasize something pretty important…  Does message game matter? Is it real game? There is often the argument every once in a while whereby people say ‘Tinder sucks, just go out’. But, you can do both. And even if you go out, you still need to know how to message the girls you […]Read More