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I take men who don’t know how to meet women & give them an abundance they never dreamed possible. I take meek mice & turn them into wild lions. If you follow my instructions I’ll change your life, and that’s a fact.

Podcast #47: Alpha Female Roasts Guys’ Tinder Profiles

In today’s episode, Ciaran had a female friend break down guys’ Tinder profiles. She was cold and brutally honest and truth be told, some feelings might be hurt from this episode. But still, this is how we learn and grow. If you want to find out what women are really thinking when they look at […]Read More

Podcast #46: A Guide To Approaching Groups Of Girls

Today’s episode is all about how to approach groups of girls: Here you’ll learn: Why it’s important to approach the entire group @ the same time, not just the one you like Why it’s essential to give the group more fun than they were having before you arrived How to react to girls’ challenges and […]Read More

Podcast #45: The Best Way To Get Good With Women

Today’s episode is all about the difference between PUA bootcamps and long term coaching. What are the the benefits and disadvantages of having a dedicated coach work with you for a period of months or receiving a full weekend’s worth of intensive tuition in a group environment? Here, Ciaran spoke to Dave Lee to explore […]Read More

Game Academy At Its Lowest Ever Price

Game Academy Is HALF PRICE until 8 November. What’s up, it’s Ciaran, If you’ve considered investing in pick-up coaching, but decided it was too expensive, NOW is the time to act. Game Academy is our step-by-step walkthrough guide to learning game – and it’s HALF PRICE for the first week of November. A lifetime VIP […]Read More

Rapid Hinge Number Close

Her bio said she likes men who are dark, bring their best, have muscles, tattoos, & take action; which is me to a tee. But if I said ‘Hey I’ve got everything you’re looking for’ it would have lowered my value and seemed like I was trying way too hard. So; the way I decided […]Read More

6 Types Of Men Who Attract Women

Hey hey, humans So today’s post is about the different types of men that women find attractive. Loosely put, if you surveyed 1000 straight women about the men they like you’d find that their answers spread across the 6 archetypes in this post. Now obviously every man is unique and because of that you might […]Read More

Podcast #44: How To Run Covid-19 Daygame (Infield Examples)

 In today’s episode, you’ll hear actual infield examples of Ciaran and Joe meeting women on the street along with a lively discussion which breaks down what they did so well, so you can do it too. Here you’ll learn: Why it’s essential to immediately assume rapport and connection with a woman you’ve just approached  […]Read More

How To Get A Tinder Match Straight To Your House

I’ve experimented with a fuck boy bio in the past and got great results with it but eventually Tinder told me they were gonna close my profile down so I took it down. That was a year ago though so I changed it back this week and ended up in bed this gorgeous woman last […]Read More

How To Meet Girls Online (Hinge Number & Date Close)

Before we get started I wanna say that this woman is pretty damn close to my ideal in terms of looks & personality, and that’s all down to the profile I’ve created. You need to think like a marketer when creating an online dating profile. Who is the target audience you’re trying to attract, and […]Read More