You’re Getting Laid, So Now What?

Your ‘game’ is only just beginning… Most men’s dating content is about how to transform from ‘not getting laid enough’ to ‘getting laid a lot’. Makes sense, I guess… That’s the advice most guys in the world need, right? You can get there by growing some balls, approaching a lot and learning a few techniques. […]Read More

Podcast #28: My Boyfriend Likes It When I Sleep Around

In today’s episode Ciaran sat down with his friend Sandra for a chat about a relationship she had with a guy who actually got turned on by her having sex with other men. Not only is this a hugely eye opening conversation but it’s also educational as all hell too because there’s a lot to […]Read More

We All Have Inner Demons

All we can do is learn how to deal with them… Hey, it’s Joe. A quick message to let you know: you’re not alone. We all have inner demons.  Deep within the darkest recesses of your mind, they’re there trying to sabotage you. They’re the sole manifestation of every negative thing you’ve been taught to […]Read More

Be Her Photographer

Let’s start with logic. Girls are physically attractive. They like taking photos of themselves. In fact, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that there are some girls who make a living out of selling pictures of their ass or even their stinky weird looking feet.   While that may seem ridiculous, it actually happens and […]Read More

Podcast #27: What A Blind Gamer Teaches Us About Success

In this episode Ciaran spoke to Blind Warrior Sven, a pro gamer from the Netherlands who’s one of the best Street Fighter V players in the world despite the fact he’s 100% blind. While his story has nothing directly to do with success with women it’s still highly relevant for anyone reading this and we […]Read More

What Happens If You DON’T Learn Game?

This Motivational Exercise Will Kick Your Ass And Change Your Life Yo, it’s Ciaran. Are you still struggling with approach anxiety? Perhaps you just can’t find the motivation to go out and meet new women in this ‘new normal’ era? If so, LISTEN UP. I’ve just published a video revealing my #1 MOST POWERFUL MOTIVATIONAL […]Read More

Podcast #26: Female DJ Says Women Want To Be Destroyed

In this episode Ciaran spoke to Montreal-based trap DJ Tokyo Mamii. They discussed: How having a diverse range of interests makes you a much more interesting and unique person How you have to be in tune with your sexual energy in order to connect with a woman How women are inherently more sexual than men How […]Read More

Ciaran’s Craziest Challenges

Yo, I wouldn’t normally say this… But…I can’t think of a better person to lead tomorrow’s webinar on staying motivated to game. My buddy Ciaran Callam has been in this field for the best part of a decade – and has always strived to keep stretching his comfort zone. This is the guy who: Set […]Read More

What Do Game, Ballet Dancing And Weight-Lifting Have In Common?

What do game, football, weight-lifting, Street Fighter V, freestyle rapping and ballet dancing all have in common? It’s the fact you get better, the more you practice. As long as you practice, learn from your mistakes and improve, you’ll eventually reach whatever goal you set for yourself Still, there’s one thing that sets game apart […]Read More

Podcast #25: How Matthew Got His Groove Back

In this episode Ciaran spoke to his coaching client Matthew, a man who’s been working with him for 3 months and gotten fantastic results from his coaching. They discussed: How Matthew had been recently dumped before starting coaching with Ciaran and had completely lost his confidence. He didn’t know how to talk to women and […]Read More