Podcast #24: A Harsh Truth About Women Men Don’t Know

In today’s episode, Ciaran spoke to Australian PUA Dave Lee about hypergamy, the tendency many women have to trade in their current man for one who’s more alpha In it they discussed: Why women often bounce from less alpha to more alpha men The factors that determine when this will happen How male and female […]Read More

The #1 Way To Get A Text Back

It has nothing to do with the words you type to her… Yo guys, a quick reminder. The #1 way to ensure she texts you back is to have a great face-to-face interaction. If you do this, your ‘message game’ can be absolute turd, and she’ll often still be excited to get back to you. […]Read More

Ashamed Of Being A ‘Pick-Up Artist’?

Hey, it’s Ciaran. Are you ashamed of being outed as a ‘pick-up artist’? Would you be embarrassed if someone found out you studied game? I suppose I understand why you feel that way… After all, the media has never stopped shaming ‘pick-up artists’ for supposedly ‘tricking’ and ‘manipulating’ women into bed. People who have never […]Read More

What Happens When You Don’t Approach?

It’s more toxic than you may think… Hey, it’s Ciaran. Have you been taking enough steps to improve your dating life lately? If not, this message is for you. I know it can be uncomfortable cold-approaching women… I understand it might be more difficult in the first few months of this ‘new normal’… I know […]Read More

My Best ‘Women Are Dirty Too’ Story

Red Wine, Whipped Cream And Talking Filth Hey, it’s Joe. Men are raised on the lies that all women are innocent Disney princesses, who only enjoy intimacy with men they love and trust. The truth is: women love sex just as much as guys. Women are dirty too. They just have to hide it, because […]Read More

Podcast #22: How Stefano Got His Groove Back

In today’s episode Ciaran spoke to his former coaching client Stefano, a guy who signed up to his coaching program last year and got life changing results from it. Here they talk about what his life was like before they started working together, how’s it’s improved, and what it was that made Ciaran’s coaching so […]Read More

The SECRET SAUCE For Your Personality

Discover the attractive personality traits that other people don’t talk about… Later today, we are beginning our Sunday Zoom call on ‘The Attractive Personality Traits No-One Talks About’. It begins at 18.00 BST and typically runs for 60-90 minutes. Click here to join >> Can’t make it? Missed it? Then, check out our preview videos on […]Read More

Message Game Has New Languages

When Message Game became popular in 2017 via the Telegram group, we didn’t know that it would lead to the release of a book and a huge demand for other languages.   So here’s what we did.Read More

How To Be Excited To Go Out And Meet Women

What’s up, it’s Joe. I honestly mean it when I say EXCITEMENT and ENTHUSIASM were the key ingredients that transformed my game. I went from not getting laid for a entire year to enjoying two one-night stands in a week, just because I was so excited to have discovered game. (more on my ‘beginner’s luck’ in […]Read More