Podcast #74 – Sexy Girl Needs To Be Dominated

 In today’s episode, Ciaran spoke spoke to his friend Antonia about exactly what turns girls off and on in the bedroom. Here you’ll learn: Exactly girls fantasise about in the bedroom What it is about these things that gets them so hot Exactly what guys do in the bedroom that dries them up like […]Read More

Podcast #73 – Why Most Guys Never Get Girls

 In today’s episode, Ciaran spoke to our new Game Global coach Max about what to do when you’re tired of not getting the results you want with girls. Here you’ll learn: That everybody is lacking confidence, not just you How to find the strength to face rejection from girls What to do when you […]Read More

Podcast #72 – He Turned Her On, You Didn’t

 This is Ciaran’s 4th coaching call with Edmund. Here they discussed: The negative things that happen when you as a man decide to just ‘go with the flow’ with a girl How girls treat guys who satisfy them sexually versus those who don’t What happens when you treat girls like ‘good girls’ Why a […]Read More

Podcast #69 – How To Be Respected

 This episode features Ciaran’s second coaching call with Edmund. He has started to get great results since their last coaching session and here you’ll find out exactly why. Like the podcast? Write us a review on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast provider Follow Ciaran on IG http://www.instagram.com/ciarancallam Ready to change your dating situation? […]Read More

Podcast #68 – Women are the enemy

 Do you think women are the enemy? There’s a good chance you do on some level, but is it true? Are they really? This episode explains why they aren’t and also introduces Ciaran’s new book and Kickstarter campaign. Support the Web of Chaos Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kierenpaulbrown/help-us-impact-women-girls-and-minorities-worldwide Read More

Podcast #67 – That’s Why You Keep Getting Friendzoned

 In today’s episode, Ciaran coaches a member of the Game Global community who’s constantly being friendzoned by girls. The key characteristics of a man who gets friendzoned The key characteristics of a man who turns women on Why girls really like you but don’t want you to touch them The biggest mistake men make […]Read More