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I take men who don’t know how to meet women & give them an abundance they never dreamed possible. I take meek mice & turn them into wild lions. If you follow my instructions I’ll change your life, and that’s a fact.

Podcast #31: How To Rule A Cool Social Circle

In today’s episode Ciaran spoke to PUA Drew Schroeder, a man who’s legendary for his ability to create cool social circles with high status people, including models and celebrities. They discussed: The best places to go to meet the specific sort of girls you want to meet The best place to approach girls in a […]Read More

Podcast #30: Hot CamGirl Says How She Likes To Fuck

So in today’s episode Ciaran spoke to his friend Sarah who’s a cam girl with a sweet but intensely sexual personality. They had a fascinating chat which went from discussing the creepy dude who’s stalking her, to the absolute ins and outs of how she likes to get fucked. She’s a wild soul who drips […]Read More

5 Exercises To Boost your Charisma With Girls

Hey human A lot of seduction advice usually centres around specific techniques you can use to seem more high-value. But let’s be honest… it doesn’t really cover all the bases. No matter how many funny lines or stories are in your back pocket, you’ll eventually fuck it up and lose their interest…without a strong undercurrent of self-love. […]Read More

Podcast #29: Your Brain Wants You To Not Get Girls

Ciaran put out a message in the Game Global Facebook group asking to find a newbie who’s at the beginning of his journey, is struggling to meet women, and would like to get some pointers on this podcast. A Nigerian living in America called Gabe jumped at the chance and this very episode features their […]Read More

SLM #2: Men Are Sexier When They Don’t Ejaculate

Episode 2 of Sex Lives Matter is here, and guess what? Today we’re talking about professional athletes we’d like to do the nasty with, listening to some truly erotic sex confessions sent in by you guys, and discussing the theory that men are stronger, fitter, braver, sexier and more confident when they stop ejaculating for […]Read More

SLM #1: Famous Newsreader Propositions Eva

In the first ever episode of Sex Lives Matter Ciaran and Eva spoke about the times they were propositioned and also looked at some of the humorous and shocking escapades sent in by the audience. Follow Sex Lives Matter on IG & send in your stories Sign up for Game Global’s weekly dating & attraction […]Read More

You’re Getting Laid, So Now What?

Your ‘game’ is only just beginning… Most men’s dating content is about how to transform from ‘not getting laid enough’ to ‘getting laid a lot’. Makes sense, I guess… That’s the advice most guys in the world need, right? You can get there by growing some balls, approaching a lot and learning a few techniques. […]Read More

Podcast #28: My Boyfriend Likes It When I Sleep Around

In today’s episode Ciaran sat down with his friend Sandra for a chat about a relationship she had with a guy who actually got turned on by her having sex with other men. Not only is this a hugely eye opening conversation but it’s also educational as all hell too because there’s a lot to […]Read More

Podcast #27: What A Blind Gamer Teaches Us About Success

In this episode Ciaran spoke to Blind Warrior Sven, a pro gamer from the Netherlands who’s one of the best Street Fighter V players in the world despite the fact he’s 100% blind. While his story has nothing directly to do with success with women it’s still highly relevant for anyone reading this and we […]Read More

What Happens If You DON’T Learn Game?

This Motivational Exercise Will Kick Your Ass And Change Your Life Yo, it’s Ciaran. Are you still struggling with approach anxiety? Perhaps you just can’t find the motivation to go out and meet new women in this ‘new normal’ era? If so, LISTEN UP. I’ve just published a video revealing my #1 MOST POWERFUL MOTIVATIONAL […]Read More