Podcast #17: Ice White’s Message Game

In today’s episode Ciaran spoke to Game Global Co-founder Ice White about his awesome book The Message Game, a comprehensive guide to the dos and don’ts of messaging women. Here you’ll learn: The biggest mistakes men make when texting Why most men fail when messaging girls Why the man needs to lead the texting interaction […]Read More

Podcast #16: How To Get Her Wet With Your Voice

In today’s episode, Ciaran Callam had a fun and naughty conversation with bisexual exotic dancer Arabella Rayne about: Mistakes guys make with their grooming that turn girls off Why it’s important for a man to dress properly How to speak in a way that makes girls wet How she picks up girls for threesomes Why […]Read More

Why We Self-Sabotage

Here’s the truth about learning game… Deep down, we already know what we should do. We know how to behave confidently. We know what women want. But we don’t do it… We self-sabotage… This video explains why we get in our own way – and how to stop… I’m hosting free 30-minute Skype consultations during […]Read More

How I Transformed From A Shy & Insecure Virgin

Ciaran explains how he overcame social isolation, loneliness, confusion and self-hatred to become what you see today. Hey hey, it’s Ciaran. A few guys have asked about my backstory, so this three-part series will walk you through my journey. The truth is that I’m no better than any of you, just probably a bit older […]Read More

Podcast #15: IG Models Say How To Not Suck At

In this episode, Ciaran Callam spoke to Jessi Thicc & Lexia Sativa about what they love and hate in the bedroom. Not only is this one of the raunchiest episodes we’ve ever done (which is saying a lot) but it’s jam packed with nuggets of value. If you want to know the bedroom attitudes and […]Read More