Podcast #60 – Hot German Girl Dishes Dirt On How

 In today’s episode of the podcast, Ciaran sat down with a female friend for a chat about the different things men do to disappoint girls in bed. Here you’ll learn: The one thing that infuriates a girl most in bed Why she needs to feel like she’s connected to you and how to make […]Read More

Podcast #59 – Why She Wants You To “Just Be

 Today’s episode of the podcast is all about what being yourself even means, why you should want to do the damn thing. And how to actually do the damn thing! Here you’ll learn: Why people in game say you’re supposed to be an alpha male who does what he wants, but then give you […]Read More

Podcast #58 – The #1 Reason Most Guys Don’t Get

 When it comes to meeting women most guys don’t have a clue and fail miserably. This episode of the podcast will show you the one single crucial mistake they’re all making so you can stop making it too. Like the podcast? Write us a review on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast provider Follow […]Read More

Podcast #57 – Why She Doesn’t Trust You & Won’t

 Today’s episode looks at one of the main reasons why girls don’t trust you and won’t meet you as a result. All guys make this mistake in one way or another. Like the podcast? Write us a review on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast provider Follow Ciaran on IG http://www.instagram.com/ciarancallam Book a Breakthrough […]Read More

Podcast #56 – She Doesn’t Care About Your Excuses

 In today’s episode, Ciaran discusses the simple but sad truth that men are expected to have their shit together and provide, and that if we don’t we’re cast out of the gene pool pretty quickly. Having the ability to meet and seduce women is awesome but there needs to be something solid underpinning it […]Read More

Podcast #55 – Why She Ignored Your Tinder Messages

 In today’s episode of the Game Global podcast Ciaran and his friend Kat went through her Tinder DMs to see why she did and didn’t respond to or meet up with various guys. Here you’ll learn: What hot girls go for in a man Why most guys turn girls off with their openers Why […]Read More

Podcast #53 – Covid-19 Daygame Examples

 We’re back at daygame in this episode. Here, you’ll hear two examples of Ciaran’s daygame approaches with thoughts and feedback on each one. Follow Ciaran on IG Book a Breakthrough Session with Ciaran to solve your dating problems Read More

Podcast #52 – Why You MUST Get Over Your Fear

 In today’s episode of the podcast, Ciaran speaks about why caving into our fears holds us back massively with women. Here you’ll learn: What the fact that only 8% of our communication is verbal means for when you DM girls. Why women who don’t know you will think the worst when reading your DMs […]Read More

Podcast #51 – So You Can Attract Women, Now What?

 In today’s episode, Ciaran discusses how important it is to live a life of purpose that includes much more than just success with women; and if you don’t know what your purpose is, he explains exactly how you can figure it out. Here you’ll learn: Why guys become desperate for female attention Why most […]Read More