How To Reprogram Your Mind

Ooohkay now this is gonna be a bit different to the usual tidbits of info I give out but #fuckit let’s switch things up a notch.   Essentially it’s like this, it’s easier than you think to reprogram your brain to adopt whatever beliefs you want to have about yourself or the world and I’ll […]Read More

Reliant on Lines

Here’s an embarrassing story.   Back when I was first learning how to cold-approach women, I was SO reliant on canned lines and routines.   These would be all I’d use, even when I managed to land 1st and 2nd dates.   I actually saw a bit of success by doing this.   But eventually […]Read More

4 Ways To Not Bore Her To Tears With Your

So before I get started, let me say that it’s ridiculously difficult to keep a woman’s interest with words alone. 93% of your communication comes from your body language, eye contact, and vocal tonality. This means that only 7% of the feeling a woman gets from you in person comes from the specific words you […]Read More

How To Bore Women To Tears

Wanna know the main thing that makes boring people “boring”?They stay on an even keel at all mother freaking times. But what does that mean?    What it means is that they’re afraid to modulate their voices. They’re afraid to go loud, they’re afraid to go low, they’re afraid to be fast, they’re afraid to […]Read More

12 Signs That She’s Into You

Girls aren’t like guys. We’re blatant and direct, but they’re very indirect and subtle and that’s expressed to the n’th degree when it comes to dating. When they’re into us they’ll rarely be upfront about it because it’s just not how they operate, so what they will do is drop tiny hints that they expect […]Read More

How To Meet Girls At School Or College

The fact that you’re reading this means you probably find yourself surrounded by hot girls at your school, college or workplace and don’t know how to approach them; and if that’s true, you’ve come to the right place because I got you, son.   I got you.   I spend a lot of time coaching […]Read More

I’m Full Of Shit

It’s true and I’ll tell you why. You see, something that’s pissed me off for the last five years is people I know waiting to see me in person to say how much they love my content.    They almost never say it online. They usually don’t like or comment on my posts or even […]Read More