6 Types Of Men Who Attract Women

Hey hey, humans So today’s post is about the different types of men that women find attractive. Loosely put, if you surveyed 1000 straight women about the men they like you’d find that their answers spread across the 6 archetypes in this post. Now obviously every man is unique and because of that you might […]Read More

Podcast #44: How To Run Covid-19 Daygame (Infield Examples)

 In today’s episode, you’ll hear actual infield examples of Ciaran and Joe meeting women on the street along with a lively discussion which breaks down what they did so well, so you can do it too. Here you’ll learn: Why it’s essential to immediately assume rapport and connection with a woman you’ve just approached  […]Read More

How To Get A Tinder Match Straight To Your House

I’ve experimented with a fuck boy bio in the past and got great results with it but eventually Tinder told me they were gonna close my profile down so I took it down. That was a year ago though so I changed it back this week and ended up in bed this gorgeous woman last […]Read More

How To Meet Girls Online (Hinge Number & Date Close)

Before we get started I wanna say that this woman is pretty damn close to my ideal in terms of looks & personality, and that’s all down to the profile I’ve created. You need to think like a marketer when creating an online dating profile. Who is the target audience you’re trying to attract, and […]Read More

Podcast #42: How To Be A Better Man

 Today’s episode is all about how to be a better man in your life. Here, Ciaran spoke to J Macdaniel Conto about the different strategies we can use to not only become better with women, but more productive, successful, popular and generally happier men in general who love what we see in the mirror. […]Read More

Podcast #41: Why You Didn’t Make Her Cum

If you’ve never once doubted your performance in bed, click away because this episode isn’t for you. If you’re one of the millions of men who have though; you’re about to learn a lot because in this episode, Ciaran spoke to sex therapist Simone Farshi about the sexual mistakes guys make and how we can […]Read More

Podcast #40: How To Flirt Like A Pro

Alright guys, Do you struggle to flirt in a smooth and natural way? Do you currently find it awkward or a bit creepy? If so, you have to watch the video I just uploaded. In this video, you’ll see me flirting with a beautiful French woman, with a detailed breakdown of exactly why I’m saying the things I am. […]Read More

Podcast #39: Hot Girl Roasts Guys’ Tinder Profiles

In today’s episode, Ciaran got his friend Yana to go through some Tinder profiles submitted by the Game Global community. If you’ve ever wondered what goes through girls’ minds when they’re swiping left and right and why they overlook your profile, this is the episode for you. Listen to the podcast or watch the YouTube […]Read More

To All The Women Who Ever Rejected Me…

Here’s what I’d say if I gather them all in one room…  Hey, it’s Ciaran.  If I could gather all the women who ever rejected me into a room today, do you know what I would say?  I’d say: “Thank You”.  Want to know why?  It’s because: when a woman rejects you for being needy […]Read More